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How Immune Cell Banking Works

How Immune Cell Banking Works

The Immune Cell Storage Process Made Easy For You


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How Immune Cell Banking Works



All currently approved immunotherapies, such as Kymriah and Yescarta, utilize a patient’s own immune cells. In order to achieve the best results, it is ideal to preserve the immune cells while they are still relatively young and healthy. Since the average person’s immune system has more healthy T cells than someone who has been exposed to radiation and chemotherapies, preserving immune cells while an individual is still healthy is much more effective.

Instead of a “leukapheresis” which will takes 3 to 6 hours and may need to be repeated. Preserving immune cells now is much easier. The process for immune cell preservation is no different than giving blood. You will need to come to one of our blood collection centers and 150-200ml of blood (or about half of a typical blood donation) will be collected intravenously.

Your blood will then be sent to our centralized FDA and AABB certified processing facility within 24 hours to isolate peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) which contains all the immune cells, using our proprietary MCASS™ automated technology platform. After the isolation is complete, we will store your cells at -196 degree Celsius for long-term storage. Cells can be preserved in this state for very long periods of time without any significant change in cell viabilities.