Cord Blood Banking Cost Starting At $19.99/Month


Cord Blood Banking pricing finally is affordable for everyone. HealthBanks’ monthly subscription plan is different than other payment methods. There is no huge up front fee and annual storage payment, you only need to pay monthly charge when your cord blood and tissue is processed. You pay the monthly charge for as long as you want the cord blood and or tissue is banked.  You can also add parents’ protection by preserving their immune cells at 30% discounted price. Please choose the “Select Options” button below. HealthBanks also have other payment plans such as annual, 20 year and lifetime available, and will do price match. Call us at 1-888-379-2670 for price match and discuss various options and payment plans. HealthBanks is one of the best cord blood banks featured by BioInformant in 2021. With industry lead best technology and world class service, we are your best choice for your newborn’s stem cell banking.


*Online price is for US customers only. If customer needs rush delivery of collection kits, additional transportation cost may apply. Minimum contract term is 3 years.

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