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What is the Process?

What is the Process?

HealthBanks Cord Blood Banking Process

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Get in touch with our stem cell specialists to order your collection kit. Bring the collection kit with you to the hospital when you give birth. Collection instructions for the delivery team are in the box.


Once your samples of cord blood have arrived to our lab, we will process the blood with the AXP® system. The AXP® system separates the stem cells from the other cells in the cord blood.


Testing is performed on both the cord blood & mothers blood to ensure the safety of the stem cells. Our client services team will relay your results.


At HealthBanks, we store the stem cells with the liquid nitrogen cryogenic system designed specifically for the long term storage.

Cord Blood Report

Once your baby’s cord blood has been stored, you’ll receive a cell analysis report that details the total volume of blood collected, cell count, & cell viability of your sample.

Storage Certificate

After your cord blood is stored, you will also receive a cord blood certificate!