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Why HealthBanks

Why HealthBanks

Why HealthBanks is the right choice for your cell storage

We know how important it is to find a cell banking company that you can trust to preserve your precious stem and immune cells. We know how important cell banking is to ultimately protect your future. We know what people want and how to get things done efficiently. We, HealthBanks, are offering distinct advantages that no other companies can match:

First and only US based cell Bank to offer both stem cell and Immune Cell Banking Services

HealthBanks is the only US based company that offers both stem cell and immune cell banking services. Both stem cells and immune cells are core components for the future use of cell and gene-based therapies, which will become the next wave of change in the medical field.

One of the only two US Cell Banks Offer Advanced Mesenchymal Stromal Cell (MSC) Processing

Most cord blood/stem cell banks only store the cord tissue as a whole or as minced tissue. HealthBanks produces clinical ready-to-use cellular product through advanced MSC processing.

Most Premium Technologies for Your Precious Cells

HealthBanks use premium automation technology to ensure your stem cells and immune cells are processed and preserved in the highest quality and most efficiently automated manner. We only use the best of the best technology and will not sacrifice the quality of your cells for anything. AXP® II System, BioArchive® Storage System, MCASS™ Immune Cell Processing System.

Highest Quality Standards Backed up by $50,000 Guarantee

If your cord blood stem cells fail to engraft during transplantation, you’ll receive a full refund plus an additional $50,000. In addition, we also offer MSC cell storage and immune cell volume guarantee. HealthBanks is an FDA registered facility We comply with the most current AABB standards for cell therapy, California Health and Safety Code, California Business and Professional Code and California Code of Regulations, and FDA Code of Federal Regulations. HealthBanks has a license in California for blood, tissue, clinical testing, and biologics along with a New York license for tissue banking. HealthBanks is also a standing member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and participates in API and CAP proficiency testing.