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Cancer Genetic Testing

Cancer Genetic Testing For Early Detection of Cancer Risk

According to, males have 1 in 2 risk in lifetime developing cancer and females have 1 in 3 risk in lifetime developing cancer. 5-10% patients with cancer have their gene mutations passed down from their family. HealthBanks Cancer Genetic Testing is a powerful tool to help you to identify hereditary cancer risk early.

Benefits of Cancer Genetic Testing

  • Establish or confirm a diagnosis – providing clarity to a case
  • Identify individual risk for developing certain cancers and/or other health conditions
  • Identify at risk family members (children, siblings, parents, and distant relatives)
  • Results may help define the best treatment and risk management plan based on the individual’s risk
    • Increased surveillance and monitoring
    • Risk-reducing surgeries
    • Preventative medications
    • Avoiding additional risk factors

Comprehensive and Flexible Options

Focus Panel

For individuals who prefer to limit possible uncertainty and only focus on what is considered high/moderate risk

High/moderate risk genes associated with hereditary cancer syndromes with established clinical management guidelines for disease-causing variants.

  • HealthBanks Cancer Focus Test – 30 Genes
  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Focus – 21 Genes
  • Breast Cancer Focus – 14 Genes
  • Endometrial Cancer Focus – 10 Genes
  • Ovarian Focus Cancer – 15 Genes

Comprehensive Panel

For individuals who want to know the most information about all possible associated risk

Well-established cancer-related genes from Focus and newly-discovered candidate genes associated with reduced or unclear risks of cancer.

  • HealthBanks Cancer Comprehensive Test – 127 Genes
  • Breast and Ovarian Cancer Comprehensive – 24 Genes
  • Breast Cancer Comprehensive – 20 Genes
  • Endometrial Cancer Comprehensive – 10 Genes
  • Ovarian Comprehensive Cancer Panel – 18 Genes
  • Gastric cancer Comprehensive – 15 Genes
  • Hematologic Malignancy Comprehensive – 16 Genes
  • Melanoma Comprehensive – 14 Genes
  • Many More…

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