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What’s The Difference?

When choosing a cryogenic storage option for your high value cells, Healthbanks uses both manual & automated cryogenic storage systems.

Shown on the left is the traditional, manual cryogenic storage tank which is included as standard in our storage services.  Samples are placed in racks which are stored inside the tank which is cooled by vaporized nitrogen gas to  -196° C.  Internal tank temperature is monitored to ensure your precious cells are stored safely.

The BioArchive® system shown on the right is made by our affiliate company, Thermogenesis®.  It is a fully-automated, robotic cryogenic storage system designed for long term storage of high value cells.  Cell samples are submerged in a pool of liquid nitrogen at -196°C.  Cell samples stored in the BioArchive® avoid experiencing “transient warming effects” when other samples are inserted or retrieved.  The BioArchive® system is trusted by a majority of the world’s largest banks with 90% of all FDA BLA-approved cord blood units are stored in this system. Healthbanks is the only private bank in the United States that uses the BioArchive® system.

What is Immune Cell Banking?

Immune cell banking is a service that Healthbanks proudly offers patients who would like to store their own immune cells for future disease treatments such as cancer.  Immune cell banking offers our clients the possibility of personalized disease treatments that aim to strengthen the body’s immune system to detect and destroy cancer.  In 2020, Healthbanks became the first company in the US to offer immune cell banking for clients and is currently just 1 of 2 banks in the US that offers both stem cell and immune cell storage.

Considering that studies have shown that the average person has a 33% chance of developing cancer, we believe this is preemptive approach to fighting cancer will help save lives across the world.  If you would like to store your healthy immune system cells which can be used later in life such as CAR T-cell immunotherapy procedures, HealthBanks can help. Equipped with the latest in both collection procedures and storage technology, we can ensure that your healthy immune cells are stored responsibly and are easily accessible if they are ever needed in the future.

What is Express Delivery?

Express Delivery is an option Healthbanks offers our clients who would like to receive their Collection Kit as soon as possible with overnight shipping.  This is a great option for those who are expecting the baby to come in the immediate future and would like the peace of mind of having their Collection Kit in-hand as soon as possible.

What is a Medical Courier?

Selecting the medical courier option is a hassle-free way to return your Collection Kit back to our Healthbanks laboratory.  Once your medical team is done collecting your samples, simply call the Medical Courier phone number provided in the Collection Kit and let them know your kit is ready for pickup.  Their team of highly trained professionals will pick up and deliver your kit to us in a timely manner so that we can begin processing as soon as possible.

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