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For less than a cup of coffee a day,  you can help protect your future health with immune cell banking. 

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HealthBanks offers comprehensive stem cell and immune cell banking options. Our state-of-the-art bioprocessing technology and world-class customer service allow us to provide the best cord blood and immune cell banking experience in the industry. 

Anyone who is healthy should consider banking their immune cells while they are still young and healthy. Because cancer is often affected by genetic predisposition, those with a family history of cancer will have a higher chance of cancer and should consider banking their immune cells before showing any signs.

Who Should Consider Banking Their Immune Cells?

Currently, T-cell immunotherapy approved FDA known as CAR T-cell therapy is being used for advanced B-cell lymphoma. As of 2019, there are also more than 800 ongoing clinical trials using CAR T-cell therapy to treat over 40 different solid and blood cancers.

What Other Diseases Can Be Treated?

Scientific medical literature supports the use of immune cell therapy for almost any type of cancer. It has also shown promising results for patients with Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

Current Use of Immune Cells?