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Parents often ask us “How long will our baby’s stem cells last?” An excellent question, as it leads to the importance of freezing and storage technology. At HealthBanks, we rely on the BioArchive® Cryopreservation technology that uses a fully automated and robotic controlled storage system designed specifically for the tracking, retrieval, and long term storage of stem cells and immune cells. HealthBanks, along with the world’s leading public cord blood banks, uses the BioArchive® System because it is a leading platform that has been used for storing cell therapies known as BLAs (Biological License Applications), such as cord blood samples approved by the FDA. Most other cell banks instead use Dewar tank technology, which has risk to exposure and contamination. This is one of many advantages of BioArchive® over traditional systems used for cryopreservation and long term cord blood stem cell storage.

Viable CD34+ stem cell recovery is consistently above 97%, a much higher percentage than other available systems. The importance of freezing and storing cord blood stem cells undisturbed and under liquid nitrogen at -196º C for long-term viability is emphasized in the Guidelines for Collection, Processing and Storage of Cord blood stem cells published by the New York State Department of Health, as well as by published studies by the New York Blood Center, the nation’s oldest and largest public cord blood bank.*