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HealthBanks would like to congratulate you on your upcoming bundle of joy! To make sure you’re fully prepared for one of the biggest days of your life, we’ve developed a comprehensive Birth Plan Guide and Hospital Bag List that you can download for free! Here’s a breakdown of the valuable information you’ll find when you download these helpful documents:

Birth Plan Guide

If a baby is in your future, a comprehensive birth plan is essential for the time leading up to delivery and immediately following the birth. Our helpful Birth Plan Guide can serve as an important communication tool between you and your healthcare team.  Since each birth is a unique experience, our guide ensures you’re aware of your options so you can let your care team know about your preferences.

What are some of the important considerations addressed in our Birth Plan Guide?

  • Who you want present during birth
  • Preferred methods of pain management
  • Labor considerations, including fetal monitoring and C-section, when applicable
  • Postpartum care
  • Feeding considerations

Keep in mind that you should always review your birth plan with your primary care provider. For example, in the case of high-risk pregnancies, your team may want to adjust your plan. Make sure to have these important conversations prior to your arrival at the hospital for delivery to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Hospital Bag List

Making sure you have the essentials can help make your time in the hospital much easier. Our Hospital Bag List is a helpful checklist that details everything you need to put in your hospital bag both before labor and during recovery including:

  • Paperwork: Birth plans, IDs, insurance cards, hospital paperwork
  • Clothes: Labor outfit, socks, slippers, pajamas
  • Toiletries: Haircare products, glasses/contacts, lip balm, makeup
  • Comforts: Pillows, blankets, massage lotion, birth ball
  • Entertainment: Electronics, chargers, books

From diapers to pacifiers, burp clothes to onesies, use our checklist to make sure you’re fully prepared for baby to arrive.

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