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HealthBanks Biotech Rebrands Pacificord Along with New Cell Banking Service

IRVINE, Calif., Nov 24, 2020 – HealthBanks Biotech, Inc. (the “HealthBanks”), a technological leader in stem cell the banking industry, announces today its change in cord blood banking brand name from Pacificord to HealthBanks.


Founded in 2001, HealthBanks Biotech operates in Southeast Asia and the United States. HealthBanks Biotech, Inc., has been reincorporated in Delaware with its headquarter in Irvine, California. With its brand change, HealthBanks will continue to focus on providing premium cell banking services worldwide.


HealthBanks, along with its affiliated sister company ThermoGenesis Holdings Inc., has a long history in the cell banking industry which dates back to the early-1990s, when ThermoGenesis’ founder, Phil Coehlo, and New York Blood Center’s (NYBC) pioneer, Dr. Pablo Rubenstein, invented and patented the method for concentrating and isolating stem cells from a fresh cord blood unit.


This breakthrough method and its wide adoption by others have enabled the cord blood banking industry to grow, expand, and become commercially viable. These inventions have also led to the launch of the AXP® automation system, one of the most widely-adopted automated stem cell processing systems used by leading cord blood banks around the world.


In the past 20 years, HealthBanks and its affiliates have introduced many new technologies that have helped to advance and shape the landscape of the cell banking industry.


“We remain committed to staying the world’s leading cell banking and cell therapy network and strive to continue to fulfill our vision – to ensure the future benefit of cell and gene therapies to everyone in need,” shared Dr. Chris Xu, Chairman & CEO of HealthBanks.


Our BioArchive® Automated Smart Cryostorage System.

  • In late 1990s, HealthBanks’ affiliated sister company, ThermoGenesis, developed and patented an automated GMP-compliant smart cryostorage system called the BioArchive®. Since, it has been used to warehouse 90% of all U.S. FDA drug-licensed cord blood products in the United States.
  • This BioArchive® system significantly improved the handling, temperature maintenance, long-term cell viability, sample tracking, and data logging of stored clinical stem cell units. It continues to remain as the dominant high-end cryostorage system worldwide.
  • It is used by leading transplant centers such as MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University, New York Blood Center, and 130-plus other stem cell institutes in over 40 countries. BioArchive® is the primary smart cryostorage system used by HealthBanks.


Our AXP® Automated Cell Processing System.

  • In 2006, ThermoGenesis published the first of many patents for the AXP® system, which further revolutionized stem cell banking. Using fully automated mechanics and interfacing infrared optics, the AXP® system essentially condensed the laboratory processing steps for taking a fresh whole cord blood unit and capturing the desired stem cells into a concentrated miniaturized bag ready for cryostorage into a single device.
  • The importance of the AXP® technology is that it was the world’s first automated, functionally closed (meaning fully GMP-compliant), sterile system to purify stem cells from cord blood via an efficient and high yield process, allowing for the automated processing of cord blood samples.
  • The AXP® system brought exceptional precision to cord blood processing. Since its launch in 2006, the AXP® system has processsed millions of cord blood units worldwide. AXP® is the primary automated cell processing system used by HealthBanks.


First-in-Class Automated Immune Cell Processing Technology.

  • In December 2019, HealthBanks’ licensed proprietary, Multicomponent Automated Cell Separation System (MACSS or PXP-1000®), was approved by the U.S. FDA as a class II 510(k) medical device.
  • The MACSS isolates pure immune cells from peripheral blood without requiring the use of Ficoll agent, a labor-intensive manual process. With that approval, HealthBanks became the world’s first cell bank capable of offering GMP-compliant immune cell banking for future CAR-T therapy and other immune cell therapies to fight against cancers.


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About HealthBanks Biotech, Inc.

HealthBanks, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is one of the leading cell bank networks in the world and offers services globally through itself and its network companies located in the United States and other regions of the world. HealthBanks is accredited by the FDA, AABB, and CLIA. HealthBanks Biotech was originally founded in 2001 with a vision that stem cells and cell based therapies could transform the future of medicine. For more information about HealthBanks, please visit:


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