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HealthBanks Celebrates Highly-Anticipated Launch with Giveaways, Including Free Immune Cell Storage for Life

IRVINE, Calif. (Dec. 15, 2020) – HealthBanks Biotech, Inc. (the “HealthBanks”), a technological leader in the stem cell banking industry, today introduced the first-of-its-kind, GMP-compliant immune cell banking service for future use in immunotherapies. In the fight against cancer and disease, immunotherapies such as FDA-approved CAR T-Cell Therapy is fueling revolutionary and life-saving treatments. Banking on the power of our own immune system enables everyone to take advantage of the next evolution of the medicine – Cell and Gene-based therapy.

To celebrate the monumental launch, HealthBanks is giving away one grand prize of free storage for life, valued at $20,000. Other prizes include three years of free immune cell banking and 30-50% off select packages. These promotions will run through January 31, 2021 and are only available to newly enrolled customers.  To participate the giveaway event, please visit

Formerly known as PacifiCord, a world leader in stem cell banking, HealthBanks offers individuals the opportunity to store healthy immune cells for future use to treat diseases such as cancer. Immune cell banking by HealthBanks is a new line of services for the business venture, which has been offering stem cell storage (also known as cord blood banking), under the PacifiCord brand since 2001.

“Immune cell storage has the ability to transform how we treat and fight diseases,” discusses trained immunologist and CEO of HealthBanks, Dr. Chris Xu. “Storing immune cells while they’re healthy may help individuals use those same cells to treat diseased ones in the future. In a real-life application, this means if you know you have a family history of genetic disease, you are able to store your immune cells today and fight cancer tomorrow.”

While previously marketed under the PacifiCord name, the biotech leaders have provided cord blood and cord tissue banking services as a trusted partner to new parents for more than a decade. HealthBanks will provide the same premium, proprietary technology that was offered under the PacifiCord name and unmatched & unavailable from any other U.S.-private cord blood bank.

The move makes HealthBanks the first U.S.-based organization to offer both immune cell and stem cell banking, making medical innovation accessible to everyone through a consumer-friendly storage provider.

More about Immune Cell Storage:

  • How Does Immune Cell Storage Work?: Storing your healthy immune cells could help in the fight against other cancers and diseases that your body needs help defeating down the road
  • What Is The Immune Cell Storage Process?: The process includes drawing blood, like a regular blood donation, which is then sent to a lab where the immune cells are isolated using our proprietary automated GMP compliant system MACSS and stored via smart robotics BioArchive technology until needed when a person gets sick. Then, cells can be transferred back into the human body. For the entire HealthBanks process, visit
  • Why Bank Now?: The body’s immune system decays over age making the optimal time to store your immune cells between 18-60 years of age. It is also important to store cells before disease, as the immune system is one of the most vulnerable targets during cancer treatment
  • What is Immunotherapy?: Immunotherapy cancer treatments help existing immune system cells fight cancer. Treatments revolve around the incredible power of our own immune systems, taking healthy blood cells related to immune response and transforming them into super-powered cells that help the body fight cancer.

For those interested in banking their immune cells, the process has never been easier. To bank immune cells, clients will receive a welcome packet and collection kit in the mail upon sign-up. Then, they schedule a blood draw at their convenience and the sample is sent overnight to HealthBanks’ processing lab ahead of being cryopreserved.

For expectant mothers, teams at HealthBanks work directly with their doctors and transport the sample immediately to a nearby facility where it is processed and cryopreserved. Before storage, the sample is tested to ensure the safety of the cells.

Consumers can expect to receive premium concierge support, premier technology and more from HealthBanks. For more information on the benefits, storage and payment plans, visit:

About HealthBanks Biotech, Inc.

HealthBanks, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is one of the leading cell bank networks in the world and offers services globally through itself and its network companies located in the United States and other regions of the world. HealthBanks is FDA registered and accredited by AABB, and CLIA. HealthBanks Biotech was originally founded in 2001 with a vision that stem cells and cell based therapies could transform the future of medicine. For more information about HealthBanks, please visit:

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