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How Much Does Cord Blood Banking Cost?

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“What is cord blood and what can cord blood banking do for my family?” Cord blood banking is a non-invasive and straightforward procedure that happens after childbirth. While the process may only take a minute or two, it can save a life down the road. For those looking into cord blood banking, cord blood bank costs likely play a role in your decision of whether or not to bank. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the process and how they stand up against the bill.

Why is Cord Blood So Important?

Cord blood is rich in red and white blood cells, platelets, plasma, and it is also an ideal source of stem cells. Compared to the stem cells that are retrieved from bone marrow, the stem cells taken from cord blood are not only more accessible but are also better quality. The cells are better able to replicate themselves as a result of their young age. Cord blood banking is rising in popularity along with the increase in medical advancements and applications, those which have been used successfully to combat nearly 80 conditions to date. The versatility of cord blood in medical procedures is an important consideration when examining cord blood bank costs.

How Does Cord Blood Banking Work?


After a baby is born, blood can be harvested from the umbilical cord that is no longer connecting the baby to the placenta. Once the blood is collected by a nurse or doctor, a courier from the blood bank of your choice will typically collect the sample and deliver it to the lab for proper storage. Once stored through cryopreservation, cord blood can be preserved for a lifetime. It’s that simple! Cord blank bank costs cover the entire process, including testing of the sample, tracking, processing and storage.

Is Cord Blood Banking Affordable?

There are a number of cord blood banks around the country, and each will have different packages and programs available for interested clients. Cord blood bank costs typically fall within the $1000 to $2000 area per year. Depends on the automated processing technology and storage technology are being used, some cord blood banks such as HealthBanks provides very affordable pricing while uses the most premium technology only to ensure cell viability and quality. While the number can add up quick, most blood banks provide package deals for multiple years and lifetime offers. There are also options for pairing cord blood and tissue to get more out of banking services. As cord blood can be stored indefinitely, it is worth looking into the lifetime storage options that are available.

Banking Cord Blood with HealthBanks

At HealthBanks, our cord blood bank costs are designed to make cord blood banking more accessible to families around the country. We provide a range of packages and incentives for longer-term banking. We offer the choice of single-year, 18-year, or lifetime storage options that can be paid annually, prepaid, or financed. For those interested in grouping cord blood and tissue, we offer a special package to get you the most from our banking services. While many blood banks process and store cord blood within a 48-hour window, we guarantee storage within 24 hours for optimal results. If you are unsure if cord blood banking is right for your family, give us a call and speak to a personal consultant for a free consultation.

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