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Pregnancy: The Most Blissful Period of a Woman’s Life?

 Not every pregnancy journey is one of joy. An unexpected or unwanted pregnancy or carrying a child where medical complications put mother and baby at high risk are incredibly stressful. As women search the web for pregnancy tips and advice, they are met with a lot of alarming stories. So, today let’s go in a different direction. While we honor and respect those that are having a less-than-ideal pregnancy, we want to also discuss some of the things to love and enjoy about being pregnant. Here are three factors that create pregnancy bliss. 

1. Connection

You and your partner have created, adopted, or surrogated a life! You have never felt closer to the person you love, and the love you feel for the growing baby gets stronger every day. It’s not just your emotions involved here. Oxytocin, a hormone produced in the hypothalamus, plays a big role in labor and delivery. Oxytocin is also very deservedly called a “love drug” for the feelings of connection it inspires. 

2. Luscious Locks, Glowing Skin, and Hello Cleavage! 

To help facilitate the growth of the fetus, your body goes into overdrive. You take in more oxygen, your blood volume increases, and the hormone progesterone plumps up your skin. This is all great for baby, but it has wonderful benefits for mamma too! These changes can make your hair thicker and longer and give your skin that “pregnancy glow.” Prolactin also comes into play to help your breasts get ready for nursing, which in turn gives you some impressive cleavage! Many women go up a bra size – or two – while they are pregnant. 

3. Pamper Yoursel

You’ll be dealing with plenty of “Pampers” in the very near future, which is why pregnant women are strongly encouraged to indulge in a little pampering of their own, before baby arrives. A pedicure that includes a long foot soak and paraffin wax is relaxing and great for the circulation. Many women experience swelling in their legs during pregnancy, so massage can really help. Spending time quietly journaling or listening to music and reflecting help with mindfulness and preparing the body for labor. Of course, having your partner run out for the snacks you crave and bringing you flowers doesn’t hurt either! 

Preparing for the journey ahead 

The bliss does not stop with pregnancy. When the baby arrives, you fall more in love than ever before. Those important hormones that helped you during pregnancy were part of the biological and scientific process. Enjoy the bliss of parenting without the fear of an illness taking your child away from you by insuring their life with Health Banks’ stem cell banking. At Health Banks, biology and science come together to save lives. 

We are America’s accessible, affordable cord blood bank that uses automation to process and preserve the most viable cells from your baby’s cord blood and tissue. These cells are stored in our state-of-the-art BioArchive® Cryopreservation System and can be used to treat 80+ serious diseases, including some cancers. Learn more about this life-saving technology and how affordable it is by clicking here. 

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