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Pregnancy Week 13-16: Keeping Track of the Life Growing Within You

The first part of our Keep Track of the Life Growing Within You series covered the first trimester. Now that the first three months are out of the way and you are settling into a “new normal,” what comes next?

Week 13

Remember just a few weeks ago when baby was the size of a peanut? That peanut is now the size of a lemon! The skeleton continues to develop, and baby’s movements get stronger. If you get lucky during an ultrasound you can catch baby sucking their thumb. As the baby grows, so does the placenta. The maternity weight gain continues at a steady pace. Around now leukorrhea may be giving you some issues but this vaginal discharge is normal. Wear panty liners to help control the wetness.

Week 14

Finer details like fingerprints and wrist and ankle bones have developed so you are really going to start feeling those little kicks. Try giving your tummy a little poke where you feel the baby’s heel or bum. Likely baby will squirm away. It feels like a butterfly in your tummy. Have you noticed fine veins appearing on your face or your legs? These are called spider veins. They are normal and will go away after the birth.

Week 15

During the second trimester you may feel very constipated – another normal, if not unpleasant, side effect of pregnancy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; the fiber will help loosen your bowels and also supports your growing baby. Remember, you need to keep up that calcium too for the both of you. The “lemon” is now a decently sized “russet potato.” Your truly are eating for two. By the way, that “russet potato” is starting to grow hair!

Week 16

Baby is developing fast, but its skin is still translucent. The eyes are still closed but since the skin is translucent, the eyes are actually sensitive to light. If you are not already in maternity wear, now is when you really start to show. Yes, it’s time for that long awaited baby bump to finally make an appearance. There is no hiding the pregnancy now!

The importance of stem cell banking

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Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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