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Pregnancy Week 25-28: Keeping Track of Life Growing Within You

During the week 25-28 time span, your second trimester is winding down and the baby is growing rapidly. What else can you expect during this time?

Week 25

It’s not just your belly expanding. Your hands, feet and face could start swelling too. This is because of the excess water retention some women experience around this time. If the bloating is accompanied by headaches, pain or blurred vision, get tested for pre-eclampsia.

Did a loud noise startle you – and you felt the baby jump too? Baby can hear even more sounds from outside the womb and reacts to them. Try playing some music to see if you can get an early read on baby’s tastes! When the dancing starts, you have found their favorite tunes.

Week 26

With the baby’s and your body’s rapid growth, you are likely exhausted and forgetful. This is a critical time to support yourself and your baby with good nutrition, water and plenty of rest. If working, request accommodations (being able to sit instead of stand for example). As your belly continues to push forward, you will feel off balance again, as you did in the early part of the second half of trimester two. Give yourself the time you need to move around while taking breaks. If your work is not accommodating, talk to your HR department or labor standards board.

What’s going on with baby? Her eyes are opening! She was practicing breathing a couple weeks ago and now she is learning to blink.

Week 27

Progesterone, a pregnancy hormone, ramps up.  This can lead to a very uncomfortable side effect – constipation. On top of this you may still be suffering from piles (see our previous blog on weeks 21-24). High-fiber fruits and vegetable will help, along with plenty of water. If the issue is very painful or you cannot pass stool at all, talk to your doctor about which medicines or treatments are safe during this pregnancy stage. Meanwhile, the baby is filling out. A layer of health fat is developing under the skin.

Week 28

The home stretch! Week 28 is the start of the third – and final – trimester. You are nearly there. This trimester is incredibly exciting but can also be very uncomfortable. Your belly has grown substantially, and you may still be retaining water. If pregnant during the summer months, the heat can be unbearable. If you can safely (help is advised due to balance) get in and out of a tub of cool water, or a kiddie pool in the shade, this can help. Your joints and ligaments start to loosen up too, so be extra careful about slip and fall risks.

Baby really looks like…well… a baby at this point. He’s about the size of a pineapple and can kick, suck his thumb, blink and swallow. Now is a great time to enjoy listening to his heartbeat with a stethoscope.

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Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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