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Pregnancy Week 37-40: Keep Track of Life Growing Within You

We hope you have enjoyed our “Keep Track of Life Growing Within You” series. This blog concludes our pregnancy development series as we discuss the final weeks before the birth.

Week 37

So close! You are in month nine, but you are not yet full term. Your baby is getting ready for their first real life feeding so they will be sucking their thumb a lot in the womb.  The baby is also running out of room to move around so you’ll definitely  able to feel their movements.  Speaking of feeling, how is mama? Many pregnant women can feel tired, heavy & ready for baby to arrive!

If you’ve considered cord blood banking, the time to sign up & order your collection kit is now here.  We recommend to any who are considering preserving their newborn’s cord blood & tissue to get in touch with our team right away so we can get your collection kit in your hand as soon as possible.  Having the kit in-hand ahead of delivery can bring peace of mind considering there is only a 30 minute window after birth to collect the cord blood & tissue.

Week 38

The due date is next week but your baby can come anytime now. The average size at this point is around 7 pounds. Right now, it may be hard for you to get any sleep as both the baby & the baby bump make finding a comfortable sleeping position nearly impossible. We have heard wonders about pregnancy body pillows which can help take the weight off your baby bump for some much needed relief. You may also feel the strong urge to clean the house or continue decorating the nursery. This is called nesting: a common preparation activity for many expecting mothers during the final weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Stages Infographic

Week 39

At week 39, your baby is officially full term. You may have already given birth in week 37 or 38, or they can still remain in there until week 41.  At the time of birth, be prepared for the unexpected. If complications arise, you may need a c-section. Also, it might be a good idea to look into having backup pain control methods in case of an epidural fail.

Week 40

If you have not met your new baby during this week, you will very soon. Newborns don’t look like they do on TV or in the movies! Newborns typically have puffy eyes & conical heads (after passage through the birth canal). In the days after birth, the skin can appear flaky & dry – this is all normal.  Congratulations on a successful pregnancy & many wonderful years ahead with your growing family.

Cord Blood Banking Keeps that Bond Strong


Your newborn’s umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells which have regenerative properties making them ideal for collection & preservation.  Stem cells from cord blood are FDA-approved to treat over 80 diseases including some forms of cancers along with many other serious diseases.   HealthBanks makes the process simple & affordable.  To learn more about the benefits of Cord Blood Banking, click here.

Our cord blood banking plans start at just $19.99/month.  For more information about starting the process, call our team to enroll in the program and receive a collection kit to your door which you’ll bring with you when you deliver.  Once you’ve given birth & your newborn’s materials are collected, our optional courier service will transport the kit  to our facility where we will process & store the cells for your child’s future use.  This ensures they have their own source of stem cells that could be used to treat one of over 80 serious diseases later in life.

You have protected your child for nine months inside the womb. Continue to protect them for life with cord blood banking.  If our team can help answer questions about cord blood banking including pricing, package options, our FDA registered facility, or our on-site AABB-accredited laboratory, please reach out to us.

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Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD