Why is Cord Blood Banking Necessary Today

Why is Cord Blood Banking Necessary Today?

Many of us are familiar with harvesting bone marrow for stem cells, but what about stem cells from umbilical cords? Cord blood banking is becoming an increasingly common practice, and for good reason. Umbilical cords are rich in stem cells, and extracting cord blood is a non-invasive procedure that, through cord blood banking, can save a life down the road.

What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood refers to the blood that remains in the umbilical cord connected to the placenta after a child is born. After childbirth, a rich source of stem cells can be accessed from the umbilical cord. Cord blood banking is not an invasive procedure and takes place after the umbilical cord is cut and the baby no longer needs the extra blood found in the umbilical cord, known as the cord blood. The stem cells found in the umbilical cord are similar to the stem cells found in an adult’s bone marrow, but due to the young age of these cells, cord blood cells can replicate themselves for longer periods. In addition to stem cells, cord blood is rich with red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Cord blood is a key player in regenerative medicine, and as research progresses, more uses and applications are being discovered.

Medical Uses of Cord Blood

Cord blood stem cells can be used in several treatments. Currently, stem cells are used to treat over 80 different diseases. Cord blood stem cells are gaining a reputation in the medical community, and include common treatments for leukemia, myelomas, lymphomas, and myeloproliferative syndrome. Cord blood stem cells are an ideal choice for transplantation and disease treatment, playing a key role in modern medical procedures by steering more than 45,000 transplants worldwide. When transplanted, the stem cells from cord blood can repopulate a patient’s bone marrow, cause cells to reproduce rapidly, and differentiate into healthy blood cells. Cord blood banking helps more people have access to the incredible healing abilities of cord blood. As clinical trials using cord blood progress, researchers hope to find new approaches to healing the body with the help of cord blood’s natural ability to repair and regenerate.

Preparing for the Future with Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is a straightforward process with lifesaving potential. The stem cells harvested from cord blood can help heal the body, accelerate recovery times, and provide a number of therapeutic benefits. Storing cord blood can help families prepare for the future. At HealthBanks, cord blood is available to those who need it most. We are one of the most established stem cell banking networks with close to 20 years of operational experience. To make cord blood banking services more accessible, we provide a single year, 18 years, or lifetime storage options with annual, prepaid, or financing plans available. HealthBanks.us is committed to providing advanced medical treatments and we aim to grow the availability of new clinical applications of newborn stem cells for families who have limited medical options. Banking today helps you ensure a safer tomorrow. Contact us for more details.