Cord Blood Banking Now Costs as Little as Your Daily Cup of Coffee

Cord Blood Banking Now Costs as Little as Your Daily Cup of Coffee

As soon as you discover that you’re expecting a baby, you start worrying about the health and safety of your new little bundle of joy. You want to do everything you possibly can to make sure your new family stays healthy and happy. One simple step you can take that has the potential to protect your baby as they grow is to save and store their cord blood. Cord blood banking has historically been considered a luxury service, however, now cord blood banking costs as little as your daily cup of coffee. With a nominal investment each month, you can ensure that your baby has access to the best future treatments for a wide range of diseases as they grow.

What is Cord Blood Banking?

Cord blood is the blood that exists in the umbilical cord of your newborn baby. This blood is rich in a powerful type of cell called stem cells. Stem cells are important because they have the ability to change into other types of cells. Scientists have discovered ways to use these cells in the treatment and cure of many devastating diseases.

Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord by a medical professional, such as your OB/GYN, at the time of delivery. It is a completely non-invasive and harmless procedure that poses absolutely no risk to either you or your baby. Once the blood has been collected, a medical courier will be sent to deliver the cord blood to our FDA-registered lab. The cord blood is then stored in our state-of-the-art facilities here at HealthBanks and carefully preserved using proprietary cutting-edge technology.

How Can Banked Cord Blood Help?

The stem cells in cord blood are currently used to treat a number of severe diseases – including, many types of cancers, immune deficiencies and disorders, blood cell defects, and metabolic diseases and disorders. There is also ongoing clinical trials for the use of stem cells to treat a large range of conditions, from type I diabetes to multiple sclerosis (MS) and even Alzheimer’s disease. As research continues, there will be many more ways that stem cells will be used to treat even more diseases.

Storing cord blood is a type of biological insurance against these diseases. We hope that our clients never need to access their stem cells to treat an illness. However, unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary, and having stored cord blood can help to improve the outcomes for your child. In the big picture, the cord blood banking costs are nothing compared to the health of your child.

What are Cord Blood Bank Costs?

Over the years, as technology has improved, storing your baby’s cord blood has become much more affordable. Our team at HealthBanks has worked tirelessly to be able to reduce the cord blood banking costs so more families can access this potentially life-saving service. We now offer cord blood banking for as little as $19.99 per month. We also offer a variety of payment plans, including monthly, annual, 20 years, and lifetime lump sum payments.

Cord blood banking costs less than $1 a day, but the peace of mind it gives you is priceless. Most people are probably spending more than that on streaming entertainment services or even a few trips to the corner coffee shop each month. Storing cord blood is one of the most affordable things you can do to ensure your child’s future health.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD