How Expensive is Cord Blood Banking?

How Expensive is Cord Blood Banking?

With everything going on during a pregnancy, expecting parents have so much to think about. They have to gather and purchase cribs, playpens, toys, and books. Clothing can be a complicated ordeal in it of itself because your little one is going to grow so quickly that they’ll need many different sizes just in the first year or two, and you need to plan accordingly. Not to mention, just the life-changing shift to your scheduling priorities can be significant. Many parents might not even think about their family’s health beyond the next 6 months because everything is such a blur. However, it’s worthwhile to take a good look at cord blood banking prices and uses!

What Is It?

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing stem cells from the umbilical cord right after a baby is born. Cord blood contains red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma, but most importantly, stem cells. The stem cells from cord blood are similar to the stem cells derived from harvesting bone marrow from adults. However, there are numerous advantageous benefits that cord blood banking has over bone marrow extraction. First, it’s a much easier and less painful process than a bone marrow transplant. The costs of the cord blood procedure are much lower, as well; cord blood banking prices start as low as $19.99 per month. All you need to do is acquire a sterilized collection kit from a cord blood bank and have your delivery medical professional collect the stem cells for storage professionally. Harvested cord blood stem cells also replicate themselves for a longer period of time than bone marrow.

What Is Cord Blood Used For?

The hematopoietic stem cells found in cord blood are used in bone marrow transplants and many other treatments. Cord blood has, so far, been used as an important part of treatment for over 80 diseases, such as blood disorders and genetic disorders. Many forms of treatment options for cancer and metabolic disorders also make critical use of cord blood. And with cord blood banking prices as low as $19.99 per month, this can be an affordable way to store the biological material to help doctors treat your family in the future – should they develop any of these devastating disorders.

Some other treatments using cord blood and its stem cells are under current study by doctors and scientists as well. These studies may lead to proven future treatments for conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, stroke, cerebral palsy, hearing loss, and type I diabetes. Medicine is always advancing, and cord blood has the potential to hold the key in treating some of these debilitating disorders!

How Long Can Cord Blood Be Stored For?

While the window of opportunity to collect cord blood materials is very narrow (at the time of birth), it can be stored effectively for later use for quite some time after that! Freezing and storing cord blood can keep the stem cells viable for over 20 years! Again, this can be a life-changing treatment in the future if you or your family develop complicated and difficult to treat health disorders.

Why are Cord Blood Banking Prices are Extremely Worth their Weight?

Parents have an incredible number of things on their mind, especially in the last few weeks leading up to the birth of their child. However, with significantly lowered cord blood banking prices and the rise of accessibility of storage facilities, the practicality of storing the highly effective cord blood stem cells for your family’s future health is more feasible than ever. So, take a couple of days to consider cord blood banking to protect your family for a lifetime. Visit our website for more information.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD