Family Cord Blood Storage Secures Your Baby's Future Health

Family Cord Blood Storage Secures Your Baby’s Future Health

There’s no event greater and more wonderous than the miracle of life. That first time we hold our baby, there’s an inherent instinct that tells us we will do anything and everything necessary to protect them. Fortunately, medical science has delivered the amazing capacity to help protect our baby’s health in the short and long-term future, thanks to cord blood storage and transplant services.

At, we’re proud to provide all the necessary cord blood storage services that make the process easy for our clients, while at the same time offering peace of mind and the promise of a healthier future for their families. If you haven’t explored the miraculous potential cord blood holds for your family’s future, here are a few things we’d like to share.

What is cord blood storage?

The newborn baby’s detached umbilical cord holds the promise of a more secure healthy future for your baby and your family. Rich in red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, cord blood is also an incredible source of stem cells that can be harvested without turning to more invasive procedures later in life. This means that, should they be needed, all these healing and healthful building blocks are available ahead of time with no downtime to be wasted in utilizing them. At, we use only the most cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure the safest cord blood storage for the families entrusting us with this powerful source of health.

Why turn to cord blood storage for your family’s future?

The growing list of medical conditions and challenges cord blood has been proven to help combat already includes 80 disorders. As a booster for both healthier blood and improved immunity, cord blood’s effectiveness continues to only grow greater in treating cancers, blood disease and disorders, metabolic disorders, immunodeficiencies, and numerous other physical conditions such as osteopetrosis. Should your baby require anything in the future to ease the effects of a debilitating disease, discomfort at the hands of a condition, or even need a lifesaving transplant in their future, your family will be grateful they trusted for all their cord blood storage needs.

How can help secure your family’s healthy future?

Cord blood has continued to provide medical solutions for over three decades of research, trials, and transplants with increasing and more effective applications for its healing properties ever growing. Leveraging our experience and expertise at, we’ve designed a stress-free system for our patients that provides quick and effective cord blood collection and transport services. Our cord blood collection kit can be used by the family’s doctor or nursing staff to collect the babies cord blood and secure more options for their family’s healthy future. The collection is then transported by our trusted courier who collects, inspects, and safely delivers the sample to one of our labs within 24 hours for the most professional and secure cord blood storage. We are then pleased to provide any cord blood service your family needs over the years to come. In fact, the wonderful benefits of cord blood can last a lifetime.

Trust for your family’s healthy future

Our mission at is to make cord blood storage more accessible for the client families we serve. Holding the potential to save a loved one’s life in your family’s future is our honor. We encourage families to start their cord blood storage journey today, reaching out to us with any and all questions they may have. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible healing benefits offered through cord blood solutions and it’s our goal to help more families realize this amazing potential.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD