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HealthBanks Kicks Off Holiday Season Launch with $660 Introductory Pricing and a Price Match Guarantee

HealthBanks Kicks Off Holiday Season Launch with $660 Introductory Pricing and a Price Match Guarantee

Throughout the holiday season, expecting parents can take advantage of the industry’s best technology at the industry’s best price

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 8, 2020 – HealthBanks Biotech, Inc. (the “HealthBanks”), a technological leader in the stem cell banking industry, announces today it is kicking off its celebration of the holiday season by offering customers the industry’s best technology stem cell storage at just a $660 introductory rate and a Price Match Guarantee for its cord blood banking services. HealthBanks also plans to launch a new immune cell banking service that enables healthy individuals to store their healthy immune cells for future use in immunotherapies.

HealthBanks is focused on the long-term health and viability of stored stem cells, using state-of-the art automated AXP® technology, smart robotics BioArchive® storage system, and delivering world class services. The innovative technologies enable stem cell recovery rate consistently above 97-percent, a much higher percentage than other available systems.

“This holiday season, we know expecting parents are facing a different celebration than years past, and as we launch HealthBanks we wanted to offer every expecting parent the best-in-class cord blood banking services without having to compromise based on price,” shared Chief Marketing Officer of HealthBanks, Joe Shen. “We offer the industry’s leading technologies that no other US based private cord blood bank provides and now customers can take advantage of HealthBanks’ unparalleled Price Match Guarantee.”

HealthBanks’ mission is to ensure the future benefit of cell and gene therapies to everyone in need. We utilizes the industry’s leading technologies, including:

BioArchive® Smart Robotics Cryopreservation System

  • Developed by HealthBanks’ affiliated sister company, ThermoGenesis, BioArchive® has been used to warehouse 90% of all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drug-licensed cord blood products in the United States.
  • This BioArchive® system significantly improved the handling, temperature maintenance, long-term cell viability, sample tracking, and data logging of stored clinical stem cell units.
  • The BioArchive® System is currently used by HealthBanks and other high-end premium stem cell banks worldwide. It allows for optimal storage of your child’s stem cells, maintaining the viability for the day you need them

AXP® Automated Cell Processing System

  • Revolutioning stem cell banking the automated AXP® Processing System allows us to obtain the highest number of stem cells from your child’s cord blood yet avoiding contaminations.
  • AXP® is the world’s first automated, functionally closed (meaning fully GMP-compliant), sterile system to purify stem cells from cord blood via an efficient and high yield process, allowing for the automated processing of cord blood samples.
  • Since its launch in 2006, the AXP® system has processed millions of cord blood units worldwide. AXP® is the primary automated cell processing system used by HealthBanks and other high-end stem cell banks worldwide

First-in-Class Automated Immune Cell Storage Services

  • In December 2020, HealthBanks’ will introduce an industrial’s first-in-class immune cell storage service, using our proprietary Multicomponent Automated Cell Separation System (MACSS).
  • The MACSS isolates pure immune cells from peripheral blood automatically without requirement of manual process, thus allows superior quality and consistency in our service.
  • HealthBanks will be the world’s first cell bank capable of offering GMP-compliant immune cell banking, which can be used in future CAR-T therapy and other immune cell therapies to fight against cancers.

For a limited time, this 2020 Holiday Season, HealthBanks customers can take advantage of the $660 introductory pricing or price match guarantee when banking stem cells with HealthBanks.

To speak with a personalized concierge, customers can visit or call (888) 379-2670.

About HealthBanks Biotech, Inc.

HealthBanks, headquartered in Irvine, Calif., is one of the leading cell bank networks in the world and offers services globally through itself and its network companies located in the United States and other regions of the world. HealthBanks is accredited by the FDA, AABB, and CLIA. HealthBanks Biotech was originally founded in 2001 with a vision that stem cells and cell based therapies could transform the future of medicine. For more information about HealthBanks, please visit:

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