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HealthBanks proud to support Lagree Fitness’ Micro Fitness Event!

On the gorgeous morning of Sunday July 17, 2022, Lagree Fitness held an outdoor fitness event, complete with live instruments & DJ, in honor of a friend of theirs who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.  HealthBanks was proud to support Lagree Fitness’ “Micro-Workout” event as an official sponsor because both companies share a strong passion for using technology to promote personal health.

The morning started off with a nice haze which evaporated as the sun rose over the boat-filled harbor.  The day was set for a great morning filled with intense low-impact, high-resistance workout routines that can only be done on Lagree Fitness’ “Micro” workout machines.  These machines emphasize the philosophy of slow, controlled movement, proper form & balance.

Sebastien Lagree, CEO & Founder of Lagree Fitness, was there on site to lead each of the 3 different classes which were around 45 minutes long.  Offering tips on technique, movement, balance, posture & form, Sebastien lead the class with Master Trainer, Heather Perren, at the front of the formation.

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