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Why Are Immune Cells So Important?

Immune cell banking is a term that many, especially expectant parents, have not heard before. Don’t brush it off – this is a proactive procedure that save lives. Today, we take a closer look at the process and why you should consider it.

What Are Immune Cells?

Immune cells grow in the bone marrow and form into different types of white blood cells. Some of these cells are natural killers of serious diseases like cancer. Each type has a specific function, but they all have one goal – to make you as healthy as possible. Immune cells are vital to your body’s defense against many types of diseases.

What Types of Diseases do Immune Cells Fight?

Most people think only of cancer when it comes to treating disease with immune cells, but these cells can also help with Alzheimer’s, diabetes, HIV and serious infections. Right now, there are five FDA approved T-cell treatments. These are known as CAR-T cell therapies, and they are having an incredibly positive impact for cancer patients. Even those with radiation-resistant cancer respond well to CART-T therapy.

Research is ongoing but exciting developments provide a lot of optimism about immune cells becoming the next major frontier in disease management. There are more than 1,000 clinical trials in progress using CART-T to treat more than 40 different cancers and other diseases.

How Can I Benefit from Immune Cell Treatment?

The best, safest and most efficient way is to harvest and preserve your own healthy cells. This means not waiting on a donor match or having a chance of your body rejecting the cells. Any healthy person – and the key here is to do this while you are healthy – can undergo immune cell banking.

Immune Cell Banking Process

Once the healthy cells are isolated and extracted, they need to carefully stored for possible later use. Health Banks’ state-of-the art automated processing and cryogenic preservation system to ensure the highest number of viable cells.

Can I Afford Immune Cell Banking?

Yes. Introductory prices for immune cell banking with Health Banks start at just $39.99 per month with several packages available. Our aim is to make this life-saving technology affordable for all. Everyone deserves the chance to recover from cancer and other serious diseases.

Why Do this Now?

As more and more treatments are proven to be cured with immune cell therapy, banking now is important. The more you age, the higher your chance of illness. When you store your healthy cells today, you can use them decades in the future. This is the best type of health insurance you can ask for – affordable, effective and long-term.

Immune Cell Banking: Enroll Today

Enroll online or talk to one of our enrollment advisors today. We have your healthiest future in mind and look forward to helping with a decision that can save your life.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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