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Why Do Cancer Patients Get Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy cancer treatments are now part of modern medicine and represent a huge advance in the way cancer can be treated. Dr. Renier J. Brentjens from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York says immunotherapy cancer treatment is “the equivalent of giving patients a living drug.” This is a great explanation, since the treatment uses the patient’s own healthy, living cells.  We have a free informational booklet that talks about the benefits & possibilities of Immune Cell Banking that you can download by clicking here.CAR-T Cell Therapy

How does Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Work?

The patient’s T-cells are harvested, modified outside of the body to produce chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) and then re-injected back into the body. With their new receptors, these cells can latch onto antigens of tumors and help destroy them. Since the patient’s own cells are used, there is little chance of rejection and no waiting around for a matching donor.

However, there is a drawback. The immune cells used must be healthy and viable. Once cancer has taken hold, the cells are no longer healthy for harvest. Immunotherapy cancer treatment starts long before the patient becomes ill. One must have their cells harvested and preserved in advance as a pre-emptive tactic in case they get cancer later on or another serious disease.

Immune Cell Banking

Why Take the Chance? Save Your Life Today

Why do you have life insurance? Or insurance on your car? Or on your smartphone? It’s because you know to protect your life and assets before disaster strikes. Harvesting and storing your healthy cells in case you need them later on can potentially save your life. It is worth the chance.

HealthBanks is committed to both furthering the knowledge of immunotherapy cancer treatments and providing one of the safest and most accessible cell banking programs in America. Our packages are set at several price points with our introductory price starting at just $39.99 per month.

We also strongly advocate for cancer insurance. Immunotherapy cancer treatments typically cost $300,000 or more. This is out of reach for many American families. Cancer insurance is a form of living life insurance. Living insurance pays the “life insured” while they are alive – unlike other forms of life insurance that pay the beneficiaries after the “life insured” passes away. The payout for cancer insurance is a lump sum and tax free. It can provide thousands of dollars towards immunotherapy cancer treatment, and help you save or extend your life.

We Are Here to Help you Learn More and Enroll in the Program

Cancer is a very scary diagnosis but with immunotherapy treatment, even some radiation-resistant cancers can be treated. We understand that costs can be a factor in treatment which is why our immunotherapy banking service is affordable and why we are happy to discuss the benefits of cancer insurance. When it comes to caring about you and your long-term health, we are firmly on your side.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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