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Helpful Tips for Expectant Moms in Their First Pregnancy

Pregnancy, especially the first baby, can be a very exciting time. It’s also a very new experience & many expectant parents have plenty of questions. That is okay! Today we’ve put together some tips for first time moms & we’ll also discuss why to consider cord blood storage.

Breakthrough Bleeding Can Occur

Breakthrough bleeding gives the impression of a lighter period or can be an early stage of miscarriage. First time moms are often extremely nervous at the signs of blood when they know they are pregnant. Never hesitate to visit your physician if you are pregnant & bleeding. It can be a sign of a bigger issue. However, it can also be a sign of implantation. Not every woman will experience breakthrough bleeding while pregnant. Always check with your doctor if you have concerns.

You Need Folic Acid

Developing babies need folic acid to help form their neural tube. If the mother is deficient, the baby may experience spine & brain defects. In addition to a healthy diet & plenty of water, your doctor will discuss folic acid supplementation. Some women start taking folic acid supplements while they are trying to get pregnant as a failsafe method to ensure they have enough once conception occurs.

You May or May Not Get Morning Sickness

This seems like a hallmark of pregnancy, that feeling of nausea & queasiness; but not every woman will get morning sickness. About 70% of pregnant women get this symptom, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be one of the 30% that doesn’t experience morning sickness.

Consider Cord Blood Banking

Expectant moms can get a collection kit to collect their newborn’s umbilical cord blood & tissue & have it preserved for future use. Why ? The umbilical cord blood is rich in red & white blood cells along with platelets & plasma. The stem cells in the newborn blood are day 0 old (extremely young) & can duplicate themselves making them an idea choice to preserve. Cord blood is FDA-approved to treat over 80 conditions & diseases. When harvested & stored properly, your baby’s cord blood can help them overcome diseases later in life like certain cancers, metabolic disorders, some forms of leukemia & immune system deficiencies.

HealthBanks Stem Cells HSCs MSCs

Studies are underway to see how many more diseases can be treated using stem cells from cord blood . In fact, by taking advantage of cord blood storage now, you could be saving your child from a disease not yet treatable by today’s medical procedures! The research & discoveries around using cord blood & your own immune cells for immunotherapy are the next frontier in medicine. By simply choosing cord blood storage now, you could very well be saving or prolonging your child’s life in the future.

Learn More about Cord Blood Storage by Contacting HealthBanks

Cord blood storage with HealthBanks is a fast, easy & affordable procedure. We are heavily invested in state-of the-art-technology to ensure each client receives the the best-in-class services for cord blood collection, processing & storage. Contact us today to enroll or learn more.

You have protected your child for nine months inside the womb. Continue to protect them for life with cord blood banking.  If our team can help answer questions about cord blood banking including pricing, package options, our FDA registered facility, or our on-site AABB-accredited laboratory, please reach out to us.

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Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD