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How Does Immunotherapy Work against Cancer?

What is Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment?

Immunotherapy cancer treatment is an emerging treatment that uses a patient’s immune system to fight the disease. Before the patient becomes ill, healthy T-cells are collected from their blood & stored. Those T-cells, if needed to fight cancer, are modified to produce chimeric antigen receptors. These are knowns as CARs & once modified, the cells are known as CAR T-cells. These CAR T-cells are injected back into the patient. The modification allows the cells to attach to antigens on the tumors & kill off the cancer.

How Long Does Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Take?

There is no fast answer for this as treatment times depend on the patient, the severity of their case, & the response to the treatment. Broadly speaking, here are some timelines:

  • According to WebMD, immunotherapy cancer treatments for lung cancer take 30-90 minutes to administer. The cycle of administration is every 2-3 weeks until improvements are seen, or a decision is made to cease or modify treatment.
  • According to Cancer Council some patients stay on immunotherapy cancer treatment for up to two years.
  • Factors that impact the duration of the treatment & how quickly it will be successful, if successful, include: the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, other health challenges of the patient, access & affordability of/to care and toleration of side effects.

Is Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment Effective?

There is no such thing as a miracle cure for any disease including cancer. However, immunotherapy cancer treatments are highly effective and have shown full recovery results in 92% of late-stage acute lymphocytic leukemia patients. Studies have also shown an 80%+ success rate for patients whose cancer did not respond to chemotherapy & radiation. More than 800 clinical trials are in progress to see how CAR T-cell therapy can be further used for patients with serious diseases.


The Most Important Step

Immunotherapy cancer treatment relies on the patient’s own cells, so those cells must be harvested while the patient is healthy. This means, harvesting the cells before one knows if cancer will occur. It is a form of insurance that can save a life. Every day that passes can be the day between a healthy body & one no longer able to use immunotherapy cancer treatment.  HealthBanks provide several package options for Immune Cell Banking with an introductory price of just $39.99/month.

HealthBanks is here to help you fight against a disease that could take your life. There are options for survival or prolonged life, but only if you act now. A delay could mean the difference between life and death. We invite you connect with us today to learn more about Immune Cell Banking: 1-888-379-2670

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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