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How Long Can Stem Cells be Effectively Stored?

We live in a world where medical advancements increasingly promise treatments that can be described as nothing short of miraculous. Already today, stem cells retrieved from cord blood at birth are being transfused to successfully treat over 80 diseases. The list of cancers, metabolic disorders, immune, and blood related diseases treated with stem cells continues to grow, and doctors see real potential to add more conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and more. Continuing this evolution and growing the benefits of cell therapy for the future of those who need them are the stem cells banks we trust, working to ensure the viability of these precious life-saving cells to provide the greatest potential for decades to come.

Which stem cells are used for treatment?

The ideal stem cells for transplantation and disease treatment, thanks to their ability to differentiate and replicate so effectively, come from cord blood collected at birth and then properly stored. In particular, it’s cord tissue’s mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) that exhibit excellent differentiation into various tissues and organ cells. When we collect and store these cells, we seize the opportunity to improve, and even save lives when we need it. But maintaining that ability depends on the expert storage and care provided at our trusted stem cell banks so these cells remain effective for years to come.

Ideally, properly cryopreserved stem cells may be stored frozen for decades or even longer. Studies launched in the 1980s have shown regular and effective stem cell retrievals now going into three decades of properly stored cryopreserved stem cells. However, the length of time these cells can be effectively stored critically depends upon the utmost quality and expertise within the cryopreservation procedure. In addition, the storage facility must offer the very best technologies, techniques, and laboratory professionals. Put simply, effective long-term storage depends on the very best stem cell banks. is proud to provide our public and private clients the ultimate quality. So, when you need to retrieve these life-building tissues from stem cell banks, we can assure they’re here whenever you need them, even if it’s decades away. This includes our quality processing and storage methods, ultra-advanced technology and lab facilities, and our commitment to grow the future of stem cell treatment for everyone.

The best MSC processing and storage.

It’s essential that stem cell banks properly cryopreserve these tissues to ensure optimal performance when they’re thawed. MSC Culture Cord Tissue Process Method ensures cell therapy at the clinical scale and includes cell isolation, expansion, and culture prior to cryopreservation. Using the most innovative technology and lab processes for storage, we guarantee a higher cell count whenever the time arises for an extraction. Because stem cells must be capable of continued growth and remain viable over years of storage, we also conduct cell growth and bacteria testing during processing to maintain precious quality. HealthBanks is one of the only two US based stem cell banks that does MSC processing.

The most advanced technology and lab facilities.

We know the stem cells you bank for your future are valuable. Because of this, we work solely with the most cutting-edge technology to ensure their collection and preservation is of the utmost success for future use. This includes our AXP® System for cord blood processing and BioArchive® Cryopreservation System, which accounts for 80 percent of transplant cells used today for storage. The BioArchive system stores cells at -196◦C undisturbed in liquid nitrogen, which is the optimal way to ensure long-term viability and function. Our processing stem cell banks facilities are state of the art; we use only FDA-approved sterile collection bags, and we guarantee our cell products.

Here for your future.

Advancing the exceptional potential of cell therapy so people can live their best lives is something we’re proud to be a part of at stem cell banks. Central to this mission is our participation in ongoing research that continues to find treatments for a growing list of diseases and injuries. As is being there for families when their stored stem cells can improve and save lives. It’s what drives us to continue to offer the very best in our services to guarantee the healthiest tissues whenever you need them.


Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD