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Is Immune Cell Banking Worth the Investment?

Are you thinking about your future, and wondering if immune cell banking is worth the investment? You probably have life insurance of some kind, and immune cell banking is a similar concept for your health. Let’s take a look at what immune cell banking is and some factors to consider when deciding if it’s right for you.

What is Immune Cell Banking?

Immune cell banking is a process which draws healthy immune cells from an individual and cryopreserves the product for use in any future immunotherapies. Immunotherapy relies on immune system cells to help the body combat sickness; however, it is less effective if your cells are already weakened—this makes immune cell banking a simple way to ensure that you have healthy immune cells available in times of crisis.

Immune cell banking isn’t a difficult process to understand. Essentially, a small amount of blood is taken when you are healthy, and then is cryogenically frozen after the necessary processing. Your immune cells can be stored this way for as long as necessary, and they won’t expire or decrease in viability through time.

Insure Yourself Against Illness

Immune cell banking is a way to safeguard your future health, just like you might safeguard finances and care with life insurance. You can bank your healthy immune cells and save them for a time when you might really need them. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in modern times, and immunotherapy is often less effective than it could be because all the doctors have to use are corrupted cells. With immune cell banking, you can ensure that you have the best cells ready to go in case you need them for treatment—it’s a decision that could save your life or make recovery much faster.

Do You Have a Family History of Disease?

Immune cell banking is an investment that can benefit anyone, but it’s particularly important to consider this option if you have a family history of disease. Have a lot of people in your family tree suffered from breast cancer? You could have greater odds to develop illness later in life, so it’s best to be as prepared as one can be for those scary situations.

Are You Healthy?

How old and healthy are you? Generally, anyone between the ages of 18-65 without serious health issues can bank their immune cells, but it’s definitely a good idea to do it as soon as possible if you’re already in your prime health. The older we get, the weaker our immune cells get, too. So it’s not a bad idea to bank immune cells in your fifties—they’ll still be stronger than the ones you’ll have in twenty years—but young people should be especially conscious of immune cell banking while they are optimally healthy.

Simple & Cost Effective

Cost may be an important factor for you to consider, too. Immune cell banking is an investment that many consider worthwhile, and while it isn’t free by any means, it’s substantially cheaper than other cell banking options, such as stem cell banking. With immune cell banking, you could pay as little as $39.99 per month, if it’s in your budget.

Overall, there are lots of crucial things to know when considering immune cell banking and the future of your health. Factors such as family history, age, financial situation, and more can all impact how urgent immune cell banking is for you, however it’s always worth thinking ahead when it comes to your health.


Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD