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Pregnancy Health Problems: Prevention and Treatment

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The joy of pregnancy can quickly be eclipsed by a medical concern. In this blog, we take a look at some common pregnancy problems and how they can be prevented or treated.


FSADs stands for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. This is caused when the mother drinks alcohol while pregnant. The fetus could be stillborn or miscarried, or the baby could be born with a number of health and learning disabilities. There is no safe amount of alcohol for pregnant women. The best way to prevent FASDs is to abstain from alcohol completely when you are trying to get pregnant, or if you are expecting.


Some pregnant women develop anemia, which is a condition caused by a lower-than-normal count of healthy red blood cells. Those with anemia feel excessively tired and weak. Your doctor will check your iron levels during your pregnancy but be sure to bring this up in conversation if you suspect you have anemia. Eating a balanced diet rich in iron can help, along with supplements (if cleared by your doctor only; this is important as not all supplements are appropriate for pregnancy and those that are must be taken in doses recommended by your doctor, which may differ from the doses listed on the bottle).

Gestational diabetes

Between 2%-10% of pregnant American women develop gestational diabetes due to the body’s hormonal changes and weight gain. You don’t have to be predisposed for diabetes for this condition to occur, although those that are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant prior to pregnancy are at greater risk. Prevention can be helped along with a healthy weight prior to pregnancy and a clean eating plan and moderate exercise. However, should gestational diabetes occur, your doctor will intervene and provide you with a plan of action.

What about after the pregnancy?

Your concern is for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, but this concern doesn’t stop after the bundle of joy arrives. What if there are health issues, such as breast cancer, in your family tree? What if your child is among the unlucky few that develop a serious illness in their youth? There is a safe, affordable, effective way to help ease these concerns. Healthbanks offers families a variety of stem cell banking packages as well as genetic testing which can be enlightening for all involved.

Stem cell banking harvests blood and tissue from the umbilical cord. This blood and tissue can be used to treat more than 80 diseases including some cancers. Stem cell banking is one of the most effective ways to ensure your child’s future health. Rather than putting up a Go Fund Me page and hoping for a donor if your child is sick, parents that have banked the child’s cord blood and tissue have the solution waiting safely in storage.

HealthBanks is America’s leading – and lowest priced – cord blood banking facility in America. Our lowest cost guarantee is made possible through automation, experience and ownership of our own storage facilities. Our aim is to ensure all parents can access this lifesaving solution with packages starting at just $19.99/month.