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Cord Blood Storage: An Overview of our 6-Step Process

HealthBanks 6 steps for storing cord blood, cord tissue, immune cells

HealthBanks’ affordable cord blood storage costs are driven by experience, investing in technology, and using automation. All those savings are passed on to you so you can ensure your child’s healthiest future.

HealthBanks has the lowest cord blood storage costs because our process, systems, and automations are streamlined and efficient. This enables us to pass our savings on to parents, empowering them with the ability to bank their child’s stem cells. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

1) Make the call to enroll

Whether you have decided on stem cell banking (derived from cord blood & cord tissue) or immune cell banking, we are happy to discuss our process, explain the terminology, and share with you the benefits of stem cell banking, cord blood storage, and immune cell storage.

Once you call us to learn more, enrollment is the next step. Here is where you choose among banking cord blood only, both cord blood + cord tissue, cord blood + cord tissue + mesenchymal stem cells, as well as immune cell banking. Each package has a variety of options so you and your family can make the best decision as you see fit.

2) Once in hand, bring your collection kit with you.

After enrollment, the collection kit is mailed out directly to you. Once received, place the kit in your hospital bag that you will take on your delivery day.  We suggest putting the kit in plain-view sight so you can grab-n-go on your way to the hospital and minimize the risk of leaving it behind.

3) Congratulations on your new family member!

Once you arrive at the hospital, hand the doctor/nurse the Healthbanks collection kit. After the baby is delivered, the medical professional collects the samples.  Congratulations on your new family member!  We’re wish you and your family the very best during this special time.  We’re glad you chose us at Healthbanks to be a part of your baby’s health.

4) Call the courier (if option selected) or mail kit back to Healthbanks

Healthbanks is excited to offer two options for our customers.  If you selected the  courier option, you’ll be instructed to call them so they can dispatch their team to collect the Healthbanks collection kit. From there it is taken a HealthBanks lab for the next steps.  The collection and transportation stage takes 48 hour or less.

If you opted for the mail-back kit option, collect your sample kit from your delivery doctor/nurse and mail it back to Healthbanks as soon as possible with the provided address.

5) Processing & lab testing

HealthBanks accepts the sample and processes it with AXP® technology. AXP is an incredibly advanced automated separation system that separates stem cells from other cells in the blood collected in your kit so the highest amount of stem cells can be stored.  Next, the viability of the remaining cells along with some maternal blood are tested to ensure they can be safely stored long-term.

6) Storage confirmation & lab test results provided

Once your cells are stored, you’ll be given a detailed report of our lab tests.  You’ll also receive a storage confirmation letter which will confirm with your stored cells that are available to be used at anytime you wish.

We use BioArchive® liquid nitrogen cryopreservation to store, track and retrieve cord blood stem cells. When your baby’s cord blood stem cells are moved to storage, you receive another detailed report along with a location number and a storage certificate.

You can afford cord blood storage costs

Many parents are worried about the cost of raising a child. It’s a valid concern. Healthbanks is here to provide your family the best chance at protected your family’s future health. Doing everything you can now to protect the health of your child can save you thousands in the future and could even save your child’s life.

At HealthBanks, we ensure cord blood storage costs are affordable for American families, but these affordable costs are never at the expense of the best processing and storage methods. Our aim is to help you ensure your child’s life and to continue supporting the research that can cure cancer and other diseases, once and for all.

HealthBanks is here for you, your children, and your future. Visit us online to learn more about our services and why we have the lowest cord blood storage costs in America.

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