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Pregnancy Week 1-4: Keeping Track of the Life Growing Within You

Having a child is a lifechanging experience, and while it can be incredibly exciting, you may have some fears and questions along the way. The best way to prepare is to be informed.

Am I really pregnant?

A lot of things can affect your period’s start date, and many women don’t have regular cycles. A missed or late period is not always a sign of pregnancy. A home pregnancy test is a fast and easy way to confirm a pregnancy. These tests detect the “pregnancy hormone” hCG. The more of the hormone in your system, the more reliable the result. However, the tests are incredibly sensitive and can be used even a few days before your expected period. As hCG levels vary, if you suspect you are pregnant but test negative, wait a few days and then test again. At any point you can also visit your doctor and ask for a blood test to confirm the presence of hCG.

You’re pregnant! Now what?

Week 1

Since due dates are calculated from the date of your missed period, week 1 of your pregnancy means you are not “technically” pregnant yet. What is going on in your body is the normal start of your menstruation cycle. If you suffer from PMS symptoms, like mood swings, tender breasts, and cramping, you will likely experience them still during this week.

Week 2

During week two you are still in your menstrual cycle. This is the week where the egg is released and travels to the fallopian tubes.

Week 3

This is where your cycle deviates from getting your period. The egg is fertilized and implants itself in your uterus. During this time, you may not realize you are pregnant because light bleeding (known as implantation bleeding) can mimic the start of your period (spotting). As many women with PMS suffer from cramps, light cramping during this time can also feel like the start of a regular cycle. However, any severe bleeding or cramping should be checked out immediately; this may signal an ectopic pregnancy (a dangerous condition that requires fast medical intervention).

Week 4

This is the week most women will start to wonder if they are pregnant and take a pregnancy test. Some women experience no physical symptoms at all, while others will notice their sense of smell is heightened, they are uncomfortably constipated or bloated, their emotions are scattered, and they are abnormally tired. These common pregnancy symptoms can also show up later in the pregnancy, and they can differ in variety and severity among women.

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Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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