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Pregnancy Week 5-8: Keeping Track of the Life Growing Within You

In the first part of this series, we discussed how pregnancy is calculated from the date of a missed period; pregnancy actually starts before implantation. Once implantation has been confirmed and a viable pregnancy is underway, what comes next? Let’s look at the next four weeks.

Week 5

For some women, week 5 is where the emotions really kick in. Rapidly changing hormones can lead to anything from euphoria to weeping, to happiness, to depression, to even anger – sometimes all within the same day! If this is happening to you, remember that your body is going through a very big change and the emotional rollercoaster can be part of the normal process. Take care of yourself and step away from situations where you feel tension and anger mounting. Breathe, and seek help if you feel “out of control.” On the physical side, you may be experiencing ongoing tender breasts and exhaustion.

Week 6

For many women, week 6 is heralded by the arrival of morning sickness. If your sense of smell was also affected early on in the pregnancy, it can be even stronger now. The simple act of going to the grocery store or driving past an animal farm can be overwhelming with scents. Many pregnancy guides focus on morning sickness – which is also an issue – but do not be surprised about the sense of smell becoming unbearable. For some, morning sickness and super smell senses are over quickly. For others, they persist for weeks. Having a partner or friend to help with shopping and chores is very helpful during this time.

Week 7

No sign of the baby bump yet, but your uterus is expanding. You’ll know because it puts pressure on your bladder. Cue the frequent bathroom breaks! Ladies, if you work in an environment that does not allow for breaks as needed, if you are travelling, or if it just makes you comfortable, reach for those adult diapers. There is no shame in that. Staying clean and sanitary is important as your bladder is put under stress.

Week 8

Expect more of the same if you are experiencing fatigue, morning sickness, breast tenderness and frequent urination. Right about now is also when you feel the lack of coffee, black tea, soft cheese, and wine. Hang in there, mamma! It’s all worth it. Look to some healthy alternatives and stay hydrated with sips of water throughout the day. Remember, it is early in your first trimester and your body is rapidly changing. You are doing great.

Protecting the little one

Despite the ups and downs of the first trimester, you are already so in love with your little one and can’t wait to meet them. You want to know how to protect and nurture them in utero and after birth. Consider stem cell banking. This is when cord blood and cord tissue are securely collected and stored, then used later in life by your child to help cure over 80 possible diseases, including some cancers. Our automated process and many years of experience make us one of the best and most affordable cord blood banking services in America. Click here to learn more.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD

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