Though I’m the physician in the family, it was actually my wife who introduced me to Healthbanks and CAR T-cell banking. Suffering some regret that we weren’t able to bank our newborn son’s umbilical stem cells due to issues with our hospital, my wife stumbled upon CAR T-cells as a way to bank our cells in the present to treat potential future cancers and other maladies. We were excited to learn that while CAR-T cell therapy is already FDA-approved to successfully treat a variety of liquid cancers (e.g. lymphomas, leukemias) with incredibly low recurrence rates, there are also literally hundreds of CAR-T research trials currently underway designed to treat many other sorts of cancers including colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer. We signed up with Healthbanks immediately to have our CAR T-cells banked (we also got to enjoy a couple discount) and plan to do so with our son’s as soon as his immune system is fully developed.

CAR-T cell banking with Healthbanks was quick and easy. We headed over to one of their partner collection sites, had our blood collected, and were finished in about 30 minutes. As an included bonus, Healthbanks also returned to us our PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a by-product of the CAR-T banking process, which can be used for a variety of anti-aging treatments including arthritis therapy, hair restoration, and microneedling facials. Basically, you get a nice little prize today even as you assure your future.

I’d recommend CAR-T cell banking for everyone and especially for those who are young and whose immune systems are still in their prime as this is when your CAR-T cells are most healthy and potent. Collection is easy, the prices are very reasonable, and the applications for CAR-T cell therapy only continues to expand. Thanks Healthbanks!