As we spend our lives working to accumulate wealth, nothing puts the value of life on this earth into crystal clear perspective like a health scare. When the lives of our loved ones are threatened, placing a price on the cure for what ails them is the last thing we want to spend time on. Thankfully, the best medical researchers and practitioners around the globe continue to advance extraordinary solutions that improve the quality of life for our families, are more readily accessible, and continue to be more affordable. That includes the endless potential held within cord blood banking and the growing health benefits that are delivered through the umbilical cord’s blood for stem cell transfer (should it be needed by the baby or their first-degree relatives in the future). As parents experience the miracle of life, Health Banks is working behind the scenes to facilitate a stress-free, effective, and affordable solution should cord blood’s life enhancing benefits be needed at any later time.

How Health Banks helps each and every client

Expecting parents can reach out to Health Banks for all their cord blood banking needs and questions as they arise. We conveniently provide kits that the family and their medical team can use for sterile and effective collection of valuable cord blood, which is rich in stem cells. Not only are these cells easier to retrieve at this stage of life, but they’re also younger, replicate more effectively, and deliver more potent treatment for the growing number of conditions they are used to remedy. Should the need for cord blood and its benefits arise in the future, there’s no value a family can place on having a guaranteed match readily available and banked using the latest technologies. When tragedy strikes, every minute truly counts.

Making cord blood banking accessible and affordable for all families is all about technology

Health Banks is proudly a leading and progressive global provider of cord blood banking. In our ever-advancing mission to provide the miracles of cord blood therapy to more families everywhere, we understand it’s essential to keep our pricing affordable, so our services are more equally accessible across different income brackets. It means everything to us to be the only U.S. based provider of stem cell, cord blood, and immune cell banking services. In order to increase our service offerings and affordability, we continue to leverage the advantages of the latest and most advanced medical technologies to ensure the baby’s cord blood is properly collected, processed, preserved, and stored until it is needed. This includes our belief in the AXP™ II System, the BioArchive™ Storage System, and the MCASS™ Immune Cell Processing System for the highest quality in processing with years of safe, uninterrupted storage you can count on.

Can we put a cost on potential?

At Health Banks, we believe the potential held within cord blood banking is invaluable. We also know life happens, and that’s why we continue to work to make our services more easily available to all families who are banking on their healthy futures. We’re working to support researchers in discovering a growing number of ailments that this science can assist families in overcoming. The healing stem cells held in this banked blood are already proving their ability to differentiate into tissues and organ cells that address cardiac, nervous, cartilage, bone, and muscle-related challenges and health issues. When your family has all this potential easily accessible, treatment options are only increasingly opened up and more effective in repairing bodily tissues, organs, and blood vessels for any member of your family. Contact us to know more.

Reviewed by Paul V. Holland, MD